Why Competency Testing?

Pre-hire testing allows employers to verify that employees have baseline clinical and core competency knowledge. While most health care workers need to undergo educational programs involving testing to be eligible to work in a health related profession, that does not mean they remember relevant procedures or that they’re familiar with the most effective methods currently available. When such individuals are hired with knowledge deficiencies undetected, they can become a detriment to an organization and jeopardize patient care. Testing will identify these issues and gaps, which can be resolved through additional training. The core values that guide everything that we do, include:

  • Patient Safety: by providing valid and reliable assessments, we help to ensure that healthcare workers are knowledgeable about providing safe patient care, which often results in increased HCAP scores and lower re-admission rates.
  • Healthcare Worker Safety: by providing education and assessments, we give healthcare workers the knowledge they need to remain safe from the hazards that exist in the workplace which can have the added benefit of risk reduction and lower incidence of Worker's compensation claims.
  • Professional Development: by providing meaningful feedback to healthcare workers, we help them to identify and remediate knowledge deficits which allow for on-going professional growth and safer patient care.

As a market leader in healthcare competency testing and technology, we are distinguished by our commitment to healthcare workplace safety and optimal patient outcomes. All of our materials are compliant with industry and government standards (OSHA/HIPAA/TJC) and help our customers ensure that in turn, they are always operating in compliance with these same standards; resulting in a safer environment for both patients and the healthcare workers who serve them.

In addition, as many healthcare organizations struggle to find and retain qualified clinical staff, we provide an EEOC compliant way to be more effective in their hiring practices and staff retention. Effective, pre-hire testing can allow organizations to identify clinicians who are qualified, and then provide a means for the on-going evaluation and professional growth of those employees, once hired. All of these factors can help to increase employee engagement, productivity, and reduce the rate of turnover.